So I appear to have been failing at my resolution to actually start blogging this year. Things were going well and then I went through quite the whirlwind change over the course of a few short months which derailed all the momentum I had gained. Since June, I’ve changed jobs and moved countries! As you can imagine, this has left me plenty to do other than sit down and write some blog posts.

It’s almost 2014 now so I’ll just have to roll my resolution over to next year (who doesn’t do that?). I’ve switched my blog over to Ghost instead of Wordpress and am now hosting it myself (on AWS) so I can easily mess around with it. I’m really loving writing using Markdown so far and the online editor works pretty well.

When I started writing this I was intending to write a few different sections about the different aspect of change my life has undergone over the course of the year. I quickly started racking up the word count in the first section so instead I’m going to make this into a 3 part series (Changing Jobs/Countries/Languages). I’m getting this one out before New Years and I will release the 3 parts over the course of the beginning of January.

2013 has been quite the whirlwind year for me and I’m excited to see what 2014 has in store. I leave you with one of my favourite songs that I discovered in 2013 (even though it was released in 2012).